The Mirror SPA Hotel, taking into account the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism for the implementation of new health protocols in tourist accommodation in the country, in view of their reopening, in the context of the new reality created by Covid-19 disease, is compiling a Protocol.

The Protocol includes the development of an Action Plan and that of a Suspected Case Management Plan within the Group’s accommodation.

  • For the purposes of public health protection actions, the accommodation management keeps a record of the staff members and all persons staying at the hotel (name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details such as address, telephone, e-mail), so to make communication possible with close contacts in the event of a COVID-19 case, which may be identified afterwards.
  • Each member of the hotel staff strictly adheres to the basic protection measures against Covid-19.
  • Avoid overcrowding during check-in / check-out, maintaining safe distances.
  • Ability to check-in, one day before the arrival, via e-mail, and to check-out in the same way to avoid overcrowding and keeping physical distance.
  • Electronic payment of accommodation expenses, electronic sending of bills, invoices and receipts.
  • Disinfection of key cards
  • Extending the period between check-in and check-out. Check out until 11:00 am, and check-in from 15:00 pm. During the time between each check-in and check-out between different customers, the room is cleaned, thoroughly disinfected and adequately ventilated naturally.
  • All hard surfaces, floors, chairs, knobs, etc. are cleaned and disinfected with disposable cloths/fabrics or cleaning paper and detachable sponges.
  • Hygiene services are being strengthened in all public areas, especially in “high risk” facilities.
  • Receipt of goods by a specific staff member and always wearing the proper PPE (mask and gloves). Observance of FIFO (first in – fast out).
  • In the restaurant-Buffet, dividers and additional safety glasses are placed, in order to have greater safety of the food. Waiters-Cooks serve customers. The visit to the buffet takes place without a plate, and the employee, at the suggestion of the customer, performs the service.
  • Defining six (6) people as the maximum number of people sitting at a table.
  • In the hotel’s A La Carte restaurant and bars, the price lists are available through the online application of the QRC hotel.
  • Only external swimming pools may be used in the presence of a lifeguard. The “Mirror SPA Hotel” pool can accommodate up to 80 people at a time.
  • All customers are required to comply with the regulations.
  • After each customer, the seats, tables, menus and any other items that the next customer will use are disinfected.
  • Every day and after the end of the beach operation, all surfaces on sunbeds and other equipment are disinfected, with the use of a certified biocide.

Welness & Fitness area

  • The hotel gym and SPA will operate by appointment, set by Reception
  • After use, the studio will be disinfected before it can be reused by the next customer.

Public spaces

Public spaces including lobby, lounges, outdoor seating areas, apply the following measures:

  • Good ventilation of public spaces.
  • Placing of antiseptic solutions (still or moving devices) for hand disinfection.
  • A marking to remind customers to keep their distance.
  • Removal of decorative and common reusable objects.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.