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Have Fun & Explore Kassandra 

The endless coastline, the crystal-clear waters, the pine trees offering amazing natural shade and many more make Kassandra one of the most popular Greek destinations.


Here is what you can see and experience!


Temple of Ammonos Zeus 10km

The ruins of the Temple of Ammonos Zeus can be seen from the beach of Kallithea. According to archaeologists, the temple dates back to 800 BC. God Ammon Zeus is a union of the Egyptian God "Ammon" and the Greek God, the leader of the Twelve, "Zeus“.


Folklore Museum of Polychrono 1km

The museum is located in a recently renovated building made of stone behind the main church and provides the visitor with an intimate look at the life and costumes of local history.


Folklore Museum of Afytos 12km

The museum is divided into two floors. On the ground floor a library invites anyone to search in old and new books the long history of the village in a calm atmosphere. The other floor provides the visitor with an interesting collection of historical objects and costumes.


The Turtle Lake of Maurompara 3km

Near Polichrono there is a small lake, Mavromba, also know as the turtle lake. Because of its unique ecological importance, the lake is a protected area. Three separate and rare species of turtles live in this habitat. The lake survives for centuries and refers to ancient writings while it has been referred to many researchers work from all over the world.


Wetland Nea Fokea 20km

The wetland of Nea Fokea contain a large area of ​​lakes, swamps and green landscapes including the nature reserve "Nature 2000". More than half of the bird species in Greece can be found in this area. This place is not just a paradise for bird watchers, but for every visitor as the impressive landscapes will take your breath away.


Port of Nea Fokea 17km

Centrally located on the beach of Nea Fokea is an idyllic harbor with fishing boats. The right side of the harbor is decorated with the Byzantine tower.


Afitos 12km

The village has been in the same place for 3000 years. Traditional houses and steep rocks make the trip to Afitos essential for anyone visiting the Kassandra Peninsula.


Agia Paraskevi 14km

Agia Paraskevi is a traditional village in southern Kassandria. The village includes a small square, a traditional museum and distinctive architecture. A trip to Agia Paraskevi is proposed to those who like the old architecture and ​​old houses.


Thermal Spa of Agia Paraskevi Spa overlooking the Aegean Sea in Kassandra Halkidiki 14km

From the depths of the earth, healing water of Agia Paraskevi gushes out. Due to its unique composition of chemical elements containing rare sanative properties, it rejuvenates both body and spirit.


 If you like to party a lot, here is the best place to go! Kallithea 10km

This is the most popular village in Chalkidiki, well-known for its entertaining aspect. Once there, you will find various night-clubs and cocktail bars that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. For the ultimate nightlife experience, you should definitely choose one of the most premium clubs in Kallithea such as  Pearl, Aqua, Markiz Experience, Ahoy and Angels Club.